We offer thorough support for launching and positioning your brand in the Latin American online market. We also help integrate your physical and online casinos seamlessly, employing omnichannel strategy under a unified brand for your customers.



The best professionals at a great price

If you need to expedite the software development life cycle, we can assist you in that process. We work closely with technology companies that deliver high-quality deliverables at a very competitive price for the industry.




We thoroughly analyze your marketing plans and provide recommendations to ensure that your investment translates into greater benefits for your operation.

marketing digital



Harness the power of your casino's historical data to design strategies, understand trends, and analyze customer behavior. Empower your decision-making with precise and strategic insights.




Our expert team takes care of assembling and bringing your casino project to life. From conception to implementation, we are committed to creating a unique experience for your customers.

player experience



Expectations and experiences don't always align. Let's work together to bridge that gap, leveraging our expertise and your team's capabilities. Together, we ensure that expectations align with the experiences we provide.


How can we assist you?

We are experts in the industry, not only as suppliers, but also in the operation, improvement and creation of new businesses. We explore options to enhance your operation, whether by optimizing processes, evaluating and improving your technological infrastructure, maximizing the profitability of your product offering or identifying areas of improvement to reduce operating costs. This approach will allow you to increase margins and focus on your customers' needs.

service 5

iGaming - Online Casino

We guide your company through the process of transformation towards digital gaming business.

service 2

Gaming Business Development

We collaborate with companies to understand, access, and successfully navigate diverse opportunities across Latin American regions.

service 1

Technology Consulting

We advise you to make your processes more competitive and profitable for your organization.

service 3

Operational Efficiency

We advise you to make your operational processes more competitive and profitable for your organization.

service 7

Gaming Regulators

We offer advice backed by our experience in supporting various regulations throughout the region.

service 4

Operational Auditing

We conduct research and analysis of technological and complex processes.

Success Stories

Check out some of our projects, in which we apply our methodology, experience and knowledge to achieve the different objectives set by our clients, always meeting them on time and on budget.

project 1

Business Case: Online Casino

CustomerBBT Corporation
ContactHelios Navarro - CEO
OpportunitiesThe client needed to understand all the requirements involved in establishing an online casino operation under the new regulations. Additionally, they requested the development of various business cases to make decisions regarding platforms and providers.
Results A comprehensive analysis was presented based on jointly defined expectations with the client and regulatory requirements. The scope included a provider comparison (pros and cons), proposal analysis, financial projections, and the total platform cost, which the client used to make business decisions before ultimately proceeding with the project.
project 11

Recommendations for B2B System

CustomerCirsa Spain
ContactJosé Muñoz Gailán - Director I+D
OpportunitesCirsa Spain entrusted us with conducting a comprehensive analysis of its casino management system, requesting the delivery of a report identifying the results of the analysis, along with the presentation of improvement points within a specific scope.
ResultsFollowing the product analysis, we provided suggestions and recommendations to enhance its functionalities. Additionally, we offered additional observations that, although beyond the initial scope, contributed to strengthening the product.
project 11

Gaming Analytics - Ingreso a LATAM

ClienteGaming Analytics AI
FechaKiran Brahmandam - CEO
OportunidadesEl desafío planteado era conseguir el primer cliente de la compañía y buscar oportunidades para desarrollar el mercado latinoamericano
ResultadosEn el término de 14 meses logramos no solo ganar el primer cliente sino que también ingresamos en 3 países con operadores relevantes. Argentina (Casino Trilenium), Chile (Enjoy) y Perú (Corporación Turística Peruana).
project 2

Entry of OfferCraft into the LATAM Market

ContactAron Ezra - CEO
OpportunitiesThe client aims to enter the market and conduct a product trial with one of the leading casino operators in Latin America.
ResultsThe product successfully enters the market through collaboration with one of the region's major operators. They thoroughly tested the product as per our client's expectations, allowing us to identify necessary improvements for commercial viability.
project 3

Auditoría de Procesos de Extracción

CustomerHipódromo Argentino de Palermo
ContactMr. Rodrigo Seguín - Gte de Sistemas
OpportunitiesOur client reached out to us to conduct a thorough audit of reports and system processes in the realm of horse racing. The aim was to compare the results of existing reports and highlight substantial opportunities for improvement.
ResultsAfter a comprehensive end-to-end evaluation of processes, procedures, and code, we identified key areas for improvement. Subsequently, we crafted detailed action plans that were positively embraced by the client, solidifying our commitment to continuous optimization and best practices.
project 4

Consultancy for Regulating Based on Online Casino Systems

CustomerMincetur Perú
ContactDr. San Román Benavente
OpportunitiesThe organization was seeking guidance, training for its staff, and guidelines to understand how to regulate through the information provided by online casino systems.
ResultsIn collaboration with the regulatory body, we implemented a training schedule focused on casino technology and information provided by the SAS protocol for the personnel responsible for regulatory tasks. This program also included technical suggestions for better control.

Who are we at Gaming Consulting Group?

We are an ecosystem of highly qualified and experienced professional consultants in the gaming and hospitality sectors. We come together collaboratively around specific projects, carefully selecting experts based on the required profile. This approach allows us to offer a service with a perfect balance between price and quality, always tailored to your needs and with the best results.


Mariano Sosa


With over 18 years of experience, he spearheaded technological development for companies like IGT, Bally, WinSystems, and Plan A Technologies. A key consultant in new online regulations and the entry of companies into the Latin American market. He led prominent casino operations in Chile for ENJOY S.A. and in Panama, ranking among the top three in the country. His track record reflects profound knowledge and leadership in the gaming industry.


Renowned Industry Experts with Extensive Recognition

Industry Experts

Different professionals come together or disengage in projects based on size, level of expertise, and complexity of the work. We constitute an ecosystem of consulting firms working cooperatively to deliver the optimal outcome for your project.

How Did This Initiative Come About?

Our consulting firm begins with a group of highly experienced professionals from different nationalities who know each other from working together on various international projects. After years of collaboration, we decided to capitalize on the expertise gained in large multinational companies and thus provide an accessible service with the quality that major providers offer. Together, we have the ability to deliver excellent results with the guarantee and support provided by the clients we have already assisted.

Why Gaming Consulting Group?

  • 100% - Experience as Executives in Top-Tier Companies

  • 100% - Extensive Knowledge of the Industry and its Regulations

  • 100% - Empathy, Service, and World-Class Deliverables

  • 100% - Effective Resolution in Our Operations

  • 0% - Deliveries Beyond Time and Budget

Commitment to Professional Excellence

We are a passionate team providing solutions to clients in various regions. We channel our experience and passion into our own project, creating a unique ecosystem of expert professionals. We take pride in being part of this space committed to excellence, keeping our clients as friends, always meeting their expectations in every assigned project.

Customers and Friends

What do our customers say about us?

Some of your comments here ..

"... he has proven to be an excellent professional, all the projects he led and coordinated with us have been carried out with seriousness, dedication; and high quality deliverables."

client 5 Christian Graffigna - Country Manager Luckia - Lima, PERU

"...we engage him to review an extraction process and issue a report. In a short time he was able to make a set of recommendations that went far beyond the defined scope and which we will implement..."

client 2 Rodrigo Seguín - IT Manager Casino Hipódromo de Palermo - Bs As, Argentina

"...has demonstrated a broad and deep knowledge of the gaming industry. His great professionalism and empathy towards the client has been of great help. A pleasure to work with him."

client 4 Ramón Vidal - Product Manager Cirsa SA - Barcelona, España

"...I was continually impressed by his ability to both achieve exceptional things and to navigate difficulties as they arose. His deep gaming experience is another significant asset, as is his familiarity with both North and South American business cultures."

client 7 Aron Ezra - CEO OfferCraft - Las Vegas, USA

"Mariano is a very qualified professional in the gaming sector, really focused on how to efficiently solve the client's needs, responding to any kind of requirement they have."

client 3 José Muñoz Galián - Director I+D Cirsa División B2B - Barcelona, España

"...he has secured our first customer for the company and helped us enter the LATAM market. He laid the foundation for growth in that market"... "What impresses me most about Mariano is his understanding of the technology, the technical aspects of the product he is marketing and his ability to identify product gaps, which allows our teams to improve our products..."

client 1 Kiran Brahmamandan - Founder & CEO Gaming Analytics AI - San Francisco, USA

"...proactively collaborated in providing quality service during Enjoy's procurement processes. Her willingness to work as a team contributed to positively improve communication within the organizations."

client 6 Carolina Ruz - Procurement Manager Enjoy SA - Santiago, Chile

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